Jenny, Retired, 74

I joined Petersfield Pilates in 2005 after suffering a fractured calcaneum after falling off a ladder. It has been an amazing journey and apart from keeping me mobile, strengthening my core muscles, etc., it has been so encouraging in getting me to walk again and manage the arthritis which has set in. I would, and do, encourage so many friends to do Pilates as it is something you can do into old age and help to walk again properly, stretch and strengthen muscles, and keep fit. 

Daniella, 56

Lea perfectly understands the mechanics of the human body and how to make it work again when something goes wrong.

I started Pilates lessons as a “general maintenance” programme a few years ago. Since then, Lea has helped me recover from two knee operations with targeted exercises that enable me to walk without pain again. She is also brilliant at alleviating the effects of over-enthusiastic gardening!

I knowingly recommend Lea’s classes and studio sessions to everybody who needs to keep their bodies in the best shape possible, i.e., EVERYBODY!