Paul Foulkes, Consultant, 60

I would recommend Petersfield Pilates to anyone who wants to be active, flexible and happy. Lea is a star! 

J.S., Retired, 68

I have been doing Pilates with Lea for around 12 years and I enjoy my weekly class in a beautiful studio with like-minded people. Lea has taught me a lot about how the body works and ways of relieving any aches and pains I might have. 

E. Jones, Mother, 43

Lea is very knowledgeable and skilled. She has treated me on two occasions when I have been in pain on my back and I have been amazed by the results. I attend Pilates twice a week and if I miss a session my body greatly feels it.

S.H., Art Dealer, 53

Petersfield Pilates keeps me pain free. I walk in crooked and leave loosened up and walking straight again. Lea is incredible. She can diagnose from where my aches and pain originate and get me doing all the exercises to loosen the necessary muscles up and banish the problem. 

C.B., Lawyer

Lea is the thinking persons’ Pilates teacher. There is nothing rote in her choice of exercises. She takes one look at you and knows exactly what needs to be done to keep you straight, supple, balanced and coordinated. A genius.  

J.L.G., Retired Teacher, 65

Completely reinvigorated…


  • straighter legs
  • improved shoulder
  • better posture
  • hips and knees feel better
  • now taller than my sister
  • beginning to run again
  • breathing better
  • more confident 

Thanks, Lea

J.D.W., Retired Shepherdess, 77

I started Pilates with Lea about 10 years ago. It has enabled me as a shepherdess to climb over hurdles, do lambing and manage my flock of sheep on my own. I found Lea an excellent instructor not only with the exercises she sets but the way she teaches and encourages us. I am now 77 and I know I would not be as agile as I am today without Pilates. 

Jane, House Wife, 55

Lea and the girls are excellent teachers. Every class is varied, a challenge and fun, whilst learning how our bodies should and should not be moving. I am now stronger, straighter and trimmer than I have been in years and I have my waist back! I regularly sing the praises of Petersfield Pilates, thank you Lea. 

Kath, Communications Manager

Lea is a fantastic teacher with amazing knowledge of anatomy and how to apply Pilates to daily life. I have learnt so much from her about how Pilates can help me as a runner and resolve any niggles with simple exercises. No two classes are the same and they are very warm and welcoming. 

Debbi, Dog Groomer, 57

Not Just a Pilates Class!

I absolutely love Pilates. I really believe it’s changed my life and I’ve learnt so much about the body and the importance of our feet! My core strength, flexibility, balance and overall muscle strength has significantly improved. I look forward to every class as the routine is always different and challenging. I like the warmups and often Lea will impart fascinating insights into the workings of our muscles and bones and all the interconnecting structures that make up our hard working, over stretched, over worked or sitting too long bodies! I recommend Pilates to everyone of all ages and all abilities. It keeps me oiled, it keeps me going, and always gives me the feel good factor. After a class I positively bounce out, walk tall and feel fantastic! I can’t imagine life without Pilates I will never stop doing it.