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Lea is such an inspiring and skilful Pilates teacher; her classes are beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. It's so lovely being able to explore and extend our capabilities.

I have been doing Pilates with Lea Blumlein at Petersfield Pilates for three years. I was 56 years old when I started and needed to do something fairly radical for the benefit of my body before it was ‘too late’! Lea initially gave me individual sessions to get to know what she was dealing with and for me to get used to using my body in a way I had never done before. After a while I joined a small, cheerful class which has since become a part of the fabric of my weekly life. Lea and most able assistant, Jess Curnier, have always been patient, kind and very encouraging. With their help, a hamstring injury that had plagued me for a number of years pretty much completely mended and I generally now also have a new, physically positive lease of life. My core strength has also improved immeasurably, for instance I now have no problem lifting a large basket of logs which I previously struggled with even as far back 15 years ago when somewhat younger. Petersfield Pilates is not just very professionally run, it is also a safe, kind, warm and friendly place to nurture one’s fitness and wellbeing. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

K.M.E., Retired Teacher, 66

For the past 11 years I have been attending weekly mat classes taught by Lea. Pilates was initially recommended to aid my recuperation from Polymyalgia and a Bakers Knee cyst. Although it has taken time, my regular attendance at the weekly classes has greatly helped in my recovery from these debilitating and painful conditions. I have learnt so much over the years from Lea’s teaching and I’m delighted to have gained flexibility, better body alignment and posture. Lea is very personable and understanding of her clients’ individual needs. Her classes are friendly and at the start of each session a full explanation is given as to the objective of the lesson ahead. Sessions are varied thus providing interest and focus each time. At the end of a class I leave feeling taller and with a sense of well-being. Also, I always sleep well that night. Pilates is very much part of my life and long may it continue. Thank you, Lea. 

P.J.C., 54

I discovered Petersfield Pilates by chance on moving to Petersfield 2 years ago – how lucky was I?!  

I had previously done quite a bit of yoga and Pilates, but never been as thoroughly assessed as Lea does – she has the uncanny knack of pinpointing a problem and knowing exactly how to “fix” it. Her knowledge of human mechanics is impressive. I have had knee issues for years but since coming to Petersfield Pilates I am now better able to manage them.

I do a matwork class, which has weekly objectives, and a 4:2 equipment class per week, which are professional and fun, and I can honestly say that I always look forward to going to them, 

J.W., 74

12 years ago, my back “went”. I had a month with a chiropractor and when I was better, she said “start Pilates with Lea”. I have been with her ever since and I’m still upright! Seriously, I don’t think I would be so alive and well if it weren’t for Lea and Pilates.

C.F., Retired, 69

I have been attending Lea’s Pilates classes since the summer of 2012. I had been suffering severe back pain which, since joining the classes, has only recurred once during the 6 years and that was due to something of my own fault. The classes help me keep my back strong (as far as possible for me) and to keep me flexible (again as far as possible for me). When I started the classes, my daughter told me I was standing taller and straighter and I hope I still do! I could go to a more convenient class in my own village, but I would not dream of doing so as Lea is such an excellent teacher, and her classes are so enjoyable. 

J. Hulme, Retired, 72

I have been attending Lea’s classes for the best part of 10 years and enjoy them immensely. In late July 2017 I had a hysterectomy operation. Being over 70 years, quite an experience. Happily, I made an extraordinary recovery very quickly and according to my consultant, my core muscles are amazing. I put a lot of this down to the work and participation given by Lea and her Pilates lessons and a little effort from myself! 

Well done Lea, keep up the good work. A very professional teacher.

R.F., Retired, 70

More than 10 years of Pilates with Lea has greatly improved the mobility of my shoulders, both of which had ongoing problems.

I.A., Retired, 61

I have worked with Lea for quite a few years now. She has worked wonders for my posture, which was very asymmetrical when we started and has now much improved. Lea is brilliant in choosing the exercises my body needs – she just looks at me when I come in and adapts to whatever she sees. It is always fun to do her classes. Lea is very good at explaining what the function of different exercises is, so my mind learns as much as my body. 

P.A.L Wilks, Retired, 89

I started doing Pilates 6 years ago. The effect was instantaneous. With the expertise of my tutor, Lea Blumlein, my muscles will now stretch to ease discomfort and she will show me how. For instance, my shoulder insists on coming forwards. Awareness is important.

My mobility has improved, due to foot exercises, which prime ankles to bend forward, sideways and backwards. These feet exercises are constant, enabling me to live alone, walk backwards and forwards to the bins, or to the supermarket for fresh produce. I still drive the car which helps me to keep my independence. Doing Pilates has helped me keep osteoarthritis at bay in my knees and been able to enjoy my grandchildren’s prowess In their various achievements. Whether in football matches or A level art exhibitions in “The Violin”. 

How would I have done any of that without Pilates, and it’s all FUN.

Helen, 50

If someone had told me two years ago just how much Pilates with Lea would help me and my ever increasing stiffening body, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. At a recent health check, I discovered that I had grown 1.5cm since my previous check-in two years earlier! Strange I thought, at first, then thought harder and realised…Pilates!! Really!! When you are only average height 1.5cm is huge.

Lea is a truly wonderful, amusing, and knowledgeable teacher of Pilates. There is not a bone, muscle, or fascia she doesn’t know about. She passes on her encyclopedic knowledge to us all during an hourly session through gentle movement of a particular part of the body, regularly it’s several different parts – not always at the same time. Often, I have wondered the positive impact it may be having. The next day I realise the body part that was exerted the previous day. And visibly you can see the difference too, especially if you have one shoulder higher than the others – I do – I did (just a bit now). Or lengthening a leg. Don’t worry, she does even you up. 

After a period of time away from Pilates last summer, I returned and was soon reminded of what my body had been missing. I hadn’t realised I had become so stiff. You really must start today if you haven’t already; it’s madness not to.

They say it is the little things in life and Lea provides the tools with which the benefit is enormous.

Thank you Lea.